Monday, May 14, 2007

"If you BLOG it, they will PAY..." Blogvertise will Pay!

Many people are generally aware of Google's and Yahoo's advertisement programs. Usually each click can net some web masters a couple of hundred dollars per month. For the beginner blog, however, those clicks might equal of up to around $10 to $30 dollars on the first month and, with enough effort, a steady increase each month after that.

A much better and more rewarding method of earning an income via blogging has become a fad for most daily posters. It's getting paid for Blogging, simple as that. The downside to most services is that they require an active blog for at least 2 - 3 months, others asks for high traffic, average google pagerank, registered under google's search engine, etc... I've recently reviewed a service called Blogsvertise where the requirements are not such a headache like the others! No kidding. You see Blogvertise is slightly more lenient in requirements, and getting started is a snatch. I wonder how many people are using this service?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

PayPal's Unpopular Practices

PayPal sends these types of EMAIL all the time:

PayPal as a regulated financial services company is required under law to assess its customers against certain lists of individuals and entities which have had sanctions imposed against them. PayPal as a financial institution is required to comply with these regulations in multiple jurisdictions where we do business.

Where a potential name match is identified, PayPal's policy is to lock the account and request further identifying documentation. The decision to lock your account has been taken solely by PayPal in line with its compliance policy in regards to the legislation covering financial sanctions.

We decided to take a closer look at this and started a Google search regarding PayPal freezing accounts. We came across a couple of sites that host, "PayPal horror stories." One story really struck me. Apparently, PayPal has had terrible dealings with customers in the past. Complaints range from unnecessary locking of accounts and/or funds, to mishandling of their customer's money. PayPal went to court for this. They were forced to pay $9.25 Million Dollars in damages to more than 10,000 PayPal accounts. PayPal simply walked away after paying the settlement.

A little further into the Google Search I discovered that PayPal has been known to block donations for the Katrina victims, up to $30,000, from the popular website something awful. One word for the victims: Ouch.

It's understandable the need to safeguard the company and to point out fraudulent use whenever it occurs. However, PayPal really needs to get better at it and change its practices if it plans to have loyal customers in the future.

For people who are in need of a merchant account, check this place out. For those of you that need to transfer money worldwide, iKobo is a great alternative.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Everyone Owns the Fastest Computer on Earth!

You might or might not now know this, but MOST people own a computer that is a whole lot faster than the one used to send Apollo 11 to the Moon in the 1960s! That's how much technology has evolved, and all thanks to the Government. And it's only gonna get better. Computers are evolving extremely fast. However, our current material computers come no where near the amazing piece of blubbery fat sitting between your shoulders.

You gotta ask yourself. What's the fastest computer on earth right now? Well not only does EVERYONE own one, it's free. That's because your born with it. It's the Brain! Your brain, unlike Windows and other programs, makes zero mistakes. It can understand multiple languages, listen to any speaker, vocalize sound, process complex visual images and more. My labtop sure as heck can't do all that. I know for sure that my labtop can't have sex and consider raising a family. Now imagine the day we invent something that can do everything I just mentioned. It might be something like that Movie AI from Steven Spielberg. They might even turn on us in the future!!! Ok just kidding. Hehe :)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

BlogCharm's New Approach to The Term, "Blogging for Profit."

BlogCharm asks a real simple question: "Why should blog hosts keep all of the revenue when it is the bloggers that do all of the hard work?"

BlogCharm plans to take a much different approach to the term, "Blogging for Profit." It's part of their mission statement, "Why not get paid for something you love to do," Now, there are people out here that feel that that's just plain evil, how could anyone stood so low, blahbidi blah. Honestly, companies are making money of of us, what is wrong with bloggers making money as well.

There's just something completley wrong with this picture that really prevented me to take part in this. You would have to host the blog with their hosting service. In other words for those who already have a blog... you would have to start all over.On the positive side, they plan to share profits 50/50. That's pretty good considering the fact that all you're doing is writing, and they take care of hosting, finding the clients, provide support, etc... Apparently the forum does have quite a bit of activity. If anyone checks it out please tell me about it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Silence Trap

Based on a Post I read over at John Chow dot Com, a Web Hosting Company from Berlin sets up the site about the Virginia Shootings, who's name I will not post here. I'll tell you why in a sec.

If you happen to visit the site, which I hope you won't, you will notice how the website is NOT loaded with ads, so at first glance there is no reason for anyone to think it is being used for link bait in order to make some money from advertisements and the like. However, what the site is getting is a lot of visitors. Which in turn amounts to a higher PageRank with Google, and Top Level Rankings on Digg and Technorati. This way the Berlin Web Hosting Company is gaining Higher rankings in search engines and Blog Communities. John states that when people forget about this site the company will use it to redirect visitors to their Homepage.

John claims it to be evil, and I couldn't agree more. However by posting about this on Blogs, we are unintentionally promoting the site. As am I in a way, but I'm doing so indirectly... since I will not say the name of the site nor link the URL. The trap has been set, and plenty of blogs fell for it. Whoever posted the Evil Site's Image, ultimately missed this little bit of malvertisement technique, and attributed to it's high rankings. I have not visited the site, and plan on not doing so, nor will I post the image for the Evil Site.

I will say, however, that it is much better to post about something as tragic, rather than simply staying, "quiet," about it. I take it we could learn more from commenting on it instead of doing absolutely nothing. If you have no clue as to what I'm talking about, that's OK. But if your curious just ask me and I will explain, otherwise stay away from the site and don't look it up on Google. Please.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Digiframe your Frame!

Picture and Photo fanatics get to indulge on sites like Flickr and Imageshack. Massive amounts of bytes are stored on their servers daily. The best part? It's accessible anywhere in the world, and its shared by millions of users. The services that keep appearing for these die hard enthusiasts just keep getting more and more interesting. Look at the service of DigiFrame for example. Let's say you have a really great picture that not only you would like to share with the rest of the world, you also want it framed so that everyone who walks in your front door can see it, and awe in all it's glory. Ok, less melodramatics right?

Now what does it take to get a picture framed? Ummm, let's see. Get in your car, drive over to Kodak or your nearest K-Mart, get in line, talk to the clerk, choose the frame, pay, and drive back home. Could there be an easier more professional way of going about this? Well, we do live in an era where the Internet has bestowed upon us great tools and services, like DigiFrame. The frames are amazing, some offer MP3 Audio Playback, others an internal memory, a couple offer a slide show of your photo, and others come with a built in microphone. Technology is great!

DigiFrame also allows you to choose from lots of professional framing brands like Axion, Impecca, Photoc, Vialta, just to name a few. Just in case you need extra help they also offer customer support. The best part of DigiFrame is the extremely fast shipping, 1-3 days. Not to mention that the Shipping and Handling is free. And, just in case you are not satisfied with the service you also have a 30 MBG. Of course, don't take my word for it. Look up their samples and tell me what you think!

The Future of our Earth Uncertain

Ahhh, NASA. The Web not only provides us with billions of articles, it can show you anything. Ranging from a description of the fungi under your bathroom sink, to a recently released NASA video about a Massive Explosion of the Sun.

But why is NASA overlooked in the web? Is it because we still do not "need" to worry about the condition of the planet. What kind of people are Bloggers and Internet Entrepreneurs when it comes to pollution? Do we care?

I definitely think that NASA is one of the most important organizations in the world. The earth will not be around forever my friend. Where will we go once this place gets fed up with our pollution? And who are the two biggest contributors to the problem? USA and India. Why? Have you seen a traffic picture from those two cities? Do you live there? To top it off, every other country in the world is following in their footsteps.

NASA's discoveries will undermine the future of our race. Of course, the Government doesn't really care about saving the world. What is the true intention of any Government with the race to space? To militarize it! This of course could be another post, but I'll stop it right here, and if you would like a further read on the subject, check this post out.