Thursday, May 3, 2007

BlogCharm's New Approach to The Term, "Blogging for Profit."

BlogCharm asks a real simple question: "Why should blog hosts keep all of the revenue when it is the bloggers that do all of the hard work?"

BlogCharm plans to take a much different approach to the term, "Blogging for Profit." It's part of their mission statement, "Why not get paid for something you love to do," Now, there are people out here that feel that that's just plain evil, how could anyone stood so low, blahbidi blah. Honestly, companies are making money of of us, what is wrong with bloggers making money as well.

There's just something completley wrong with this picture that really prevented me to take part in this. You would have to host the blog with their hosting service. In other words for those who already have a blog... you would have to start all over.On the positive side, they plan to share profits 50/50. That's pretty good considering the fact that all you're doing is writing, and they take care of hosting, finding the clients, provide support, etc... Apparently the forum does have quite a bit of activity. If anyone checks it out please tell me about it.

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