Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Silence Trap

Based on a Post I read over at John Chow dot Com, a Web Hosting Company from Berlin sets up the site about the Virginia Shootings, who's name I will not post here. I'll tell you why in a sec.

If you happen to visit the site, which I hope you won't, you will notice how the website is NOT loaded with ads, so at first glance there is no reason for anyone to think it is being used for link bait in order to make some money from advertisements and the like. However, what the site is getting is a lot of visitors. Which in turn amounts to a higher PageRank with Google, and Top Level Rankings on Digg and Technorati. This way the Berlin Web Hosting Company is gaining Higher rankings in search engines and Blog Communities. John states that when people forget about this site the company will use it to redirect visitors to their Homepage.

John claims it to be evil, and I couldn't agree more. However by posting about this on Blogs, we are unintentionally promoting the site. As am I in a way, but I'm doing so indirectly... since I will not say the name of the site nor link the URL. The trap has been set, and plenty of blogs fell for it. Whoever posted the Evil Site's Image, ultimately missed this little bit of malvertisement technique, and attributed to it's high rankings. I have not visited the site, and plan on not doing so, nor will I post the image for the Evil Site.

I will say, however, that it is much better to post about something as tragic, rather than simply staying, "quiet," about it. I take it we could learn more from commenting on it instead of doing absolutely nothing. If you have no clue as to what I'm talking about, that's OK. But if your curious just ask me and I will explain, otherwise stay away from the site and don't look it up on Google. Please.

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Ernest's Journey Before Death said...

You know, I put up the web's content on my blog for the remembrance of the victims and all other victims that has suffered the same fate through senseless killing. It's only after posting it in my blog that I come across John Chow's site regarding this.
Nevertheless, I've since taken off the link to the pic that was posted.
I truly believe that, yes , the website's intention was to misguide bloggers' good intention into raising up their page rank, but look at the website, what harm does it do other than satisfying themselves ?
Well, the decision still lies with the bloggers. Let the people decide.