Monday, May 14, 2007

"If you BLOG it, they will PAY..." Blogvertise will Pay!

Many people are generally aware of Google's and Yahoo's advertisement programs. Usually each click can net some web masters a couple of hundred dollars per month. For the beginner blog, however, those clicks might equal of up to around $10 to $30 dollars on the first month and, with enough effort, a steady increase each month after that.

A much better and more rewarding method of earning an income via blogging has become a fad for most daily posters. It's getting paid for Blogging, simple as that. The downside to most services is that they require an active blog for at least 2 - 3 months, others asks for high traffic, average google pagerank, registered under google's search engine, etc... I've recently reviewed a service called Blogsvertise where the requirements are not such a headache like the others! No kidding. You see Blogvertise is slightly more lenient in requirements, and getting started is a snatch. I wonder how many people are using this service?


angelica said...

another great tip!

carkian said...

Another one for my sites todo list, will give you credit for this one in this weeks update.


breezie said...

Blogsvertise is a huge disappointment at best, I joined in March and have only received 5 offers total with 2 of them being grab bags and then they are always late with the payments.

Vapaeso! said...

I guess the reason for that is because they must have a couple of Bloggers they stick with and the rest are, sorry to say, forgotten. I received a couple of tasks from them, but haven't heard from them for... oh I should say 3 months. They also owe me like $10 Dollars, but not because they haven't paid, it's because I haven't given them my PayPal account. Oh well something is better than nothing!

I should add that their response time is about 48-52 HRS. About the same as PayPal.