Friday, April 27, 2007

I Have to Assist a Conference... In China!

Remember the old days of going to a Conference? How everyone would walk in, salute the Boss, gather a seat, get your report ready, and wait for the Boss to open his mouth. Well that was me back when I was part of the rat race. Now a days there seems to be a whole new way of going to conferences.

Video Conferencing, for example, are some of the best ways to get some face time around the office, whether your transmuting, or in a whole different continent some 10,000 miles away. Not to mention it's excellent for first time impressions. In today's world most companies require sophisticated and reliable video conferencing software. Some great features that you must keep in mind are ease of use, versatility, security, presentation integration, desktop sharing, and audio support, just to name a few.

A lot of video conferencing softwares lack these really important features. Others, however, like MegaMeeting, come with all these features included. Now there are a couple of other web conferencing softwares that could be mentioned, this is just one that comes highly recommended. So whether your a starting business that needs some face time with your employees, locally or internationally, video conferencing may be the next step for your business needs. Take a sneak peek at what benefits it can bring to your organization.


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