Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ubuntu! An alternative to Windows and Mac

Are you tired of all the Viruses, Spy-ware and Ad-ware Plaguing your Windows Installation? Ever though about switching to another Operating System, but never could afford the time and patience it takes to learning all of the ins and outs?

There are three operating systems people tend to use. The ever so popular "Windows XP and/or Vista," the competition "Mac OS X," and the renegade "Linux." Windows has been around forever, it's the best OS for dumber people, plus it already comes installed when you purchase a new comp, not to mention the amount of software that's available. Macs, on the other hand, tend to go for users who are already tired of Windows, and seek a more advanced OS. Mac OS X, like it or not Window Users, is much better than XP! Actually it was voted by PC Magazine has one of the best products for 2006. The downside to these two OS is the amount of viruses targeted at these users. Its a huge annoyance trying to get rid of malicious software while trying to get some work done. AND, these OS come with their own applications that they WANT you to use right out of the box. Leaving the advanced user having to download and install the better software that's out there, which is usually Open Source Software.

What about Linux? For startes, Viruses are non existent to this OS, as is Spy-ware and Ad-ware in general. It's Open Source, which means people from all over the world get together and contribute to it's development. In my opinion that makes it safe, fast, and secure! It's geared toward people that want to liberate from all the commercial hype the other OS come with. It's either them or them right? Not with Linux it isn't! Apart from the fact that it's available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, it doesn't cost a cent, penny, or nickel! Now there are many distributions out there, that require expertise in setting up the installation, but there is one that is starting to take this process a whole lot simpler. Ubuntu, widely known by many, including myself, as the best Linux distribution to date, will make you want to drop Windows from the start, and Mac of course. Why? Because its geared to both novice and advanced users at the same time. The eye candy that comes pre-installed, the software, the ease of use, the GUI, everything has been nicely done.

Ubuntu is a term from Africa meaning "Humanity to others," or ,"I am what I am because of who we all are" and it will most likely become the one Linux distro that will have many people switching over. It's Open Source software, and just like Firefox, has a really nice and helpful community helping out on the development of the project.

I must say, that I consider Open Source Software the best kind of software that exists! Safe, secure, and even fun are just a some words being used by it's users. So if you would like to give Ubuntu a try. Get going! There's even an installer called Wubi that will install Ubuntu on your Windows XP so that you can switch back and forth whenever you want! Go ahead, give it a try, oh and did I mention the project leaders provide COMMERCIAL SUPPORT from hundreds companies worldwide! Not that you would need it considering the community that revolves around it. Any question is quickly answered in the Fourms! The team is also throwing in security updates for at least 18 months. Of course that might change as time goes on and more users get involved. Take it from me and try it out, come on you won't regret it!

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